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Baby Photography Glasgow

Newborn photography is a beautiful way to capture the precious moments of your baby’s early days of life. The first few weeks of a newborn’s life are full of wonder and magic, and a professional photographer can help you capture these moments forever. If you’re considering a newborn photoshoot, here are some reasons why you should choose me.

First and foremost, safety is always the top priority during a baby photoshoot. Thanks to my huge experience, I am trained to handle and pose newborn babies safely and securely. I also take great care to ensure the studio environment is comfortable and warm, so your baby feels relaxed and content throughout the session.

baby photography Glasgow

How to prepare for the newborn photoshoot?

Before your newborn photoshoot, I will ask you some questions to understand your vision and preferences. You may want to discuss the style, colours, and props you prefer, and whether you want family members or siblings included in the photos (I do encourage you!).

The newborn photoshoot is usually done within the first 12 days of a baby’s life, as this is when they are still very sleepy and easy to pose. However, if your baby is born prematurely or has special needs, I will work with you to create a personalized plan that takes these factors into account.

newborn photoshoot

Maternity Photoshoot

Pregnancy is a magical time in a woman’s life, full of anticipation and excitement. A maternity photoshoot is a wonderful way to capture the beauty and grace of this special time and create lasting memories to cherish for years to come.

I am most willing to help you with that! My name is Ann and I am a professional maternity photographer who can work with you to create a personalized and unique photoshoot that captures your individual style and personality. I will guide you through the process, helping you select the perfect location, props, a maternity photoshoot dress and, of course, I have plenty of pregnancy photoshoot ideas to make this day special and unforgettable.

Baby photography Glasgow

What is the best time for a maternity photoshoot?

Maternity photoshoots are usually done between 28-32 weeks of pregnancy when the bump is prominent, and the mother-to-be is still comfortable. However, the timing may vary based on individual preferences and circumstances.

I can ensure your safety and comfort throughout the photoshoot. I will work on creating a relaxed and stress-free environment, so you can enjoy the experience and get some beautiful images to treasure forever. In case you have your own pregnancy photoshoot ideas, feel free to discuss them with me!

newborn photoshoot Glasgow

Baby Photography: Sitters

Looking for the perfect way to capture the beauty and innocence of your sitting baby? Look no further than our professional photography services! I would like to help you with that as I have the experience and skills to create stunning, timeless photos that will be cherished for a lifetime.

I am patient and flexible, working around your baby’s schedule to ensure a successful shoot. I know how to capture the perfect poses that highlight your baby’s unique features and personality. Check out the Packages tab!

Baby Photography Glasgow

Baby Cake Smash Photoshoots

Baby cake smash photoshoots are the perfect way to create unforgettable memories that you’ll treasure for a lifetime. I usually create a custom set that perfectly reflects your baby’s personality and style. From colorful balloons to beautiful backdrops, we’ll together create a magical setting that your baby will love.

During the shoot, your baby will have the time of their life smashing and eating their very own cake. I try to capture every moment of the fun and excitement, ensuring that you’ll have beautiful photos to remember this special day forever.

Baby Photography Glasgow

Baby photography Glasgow Offer

The package includes a simple cake, decorations, optional outfit for the baby. Of course, before the session, we discuss the theme of the photoshoot including colours and styles. In the end, you should expect a bubble bath and 10 fully edited images from the 30-60 minutes session. Don’t settle for boring, ordinary birthday photos. Celebrate your baby’s first birthday in style with baby cake smash photoshoots by Ann. Contact me today to schedule your shoot and create unforgettable memories that you’ll treasure forever! Baby photography in Glasgow and other places within 30 miles distance and even more 🙂

Baby Photography Glasgow

Christmas Photoshoot

I’m super excited to announce I will be doing another Christmas minis this year! I can’t wait to meet new friends and see how much my returning clients’ kiddos have grown! Christmas sessions are the perfect way to create magical memories and unique gifts for friends, family and loved ones. You will receive your photos before Christmas! To this all can happened, every year photoshoot will be done on of chosen weekends in November. To secure your spot, as my availability is limited for Christmas minis I recommend to book date as soon as possible. Price for Christmas session is £60 .

Price included:

  • up to 30 min session
  • 3 fully edited digital images
  • private gallery
  • family images not included
  • babies must be able to sit on their own
  • £20 of retainer fee must be paid to secure your session time. Remaining balance must be paid at the session day.
  • for more than 4 people you need to book two slots
  • session suitable for one household

If you need more details or you have any questions send me quick message Im always more than happy to help.

Christmas minis Glasgow
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